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Benefits of Arts and Music for Seniors’ Health

There are many health benefits associated with music and the arts. The majority of senior adults can improve their quality of life by engaging in different art forms. As a provider of homecare in Farmington, Connecticut, we encourage our clients to enjoy their golden years with music and arts. Keeping one’s health with proper nutrition … Continue reading

Young at Heart: Food for Better Cardiovascular Health

Having good cardiovascular health is achieved by maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A good diet, on the other hand, can help prevent hypertension (high blood pressure) and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol). A variety of food choices can help maintain the healthy function of the heart, especially for seniors. Health experts who offer services related … Continue reading

Easy Heart-Healthy Physical Activities for Seniors

Without our hearts, we can die. As the heart pumps blood throughout our body, it supplies the oxygen and nutrients that our tissues and organs need to function properly. Every heartbeat is indicative of our overall health status. This is why it is very important to make sure that our heart stays healthy. Such is … Continue reading

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