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Personal Care for Patients with Dementia


Personal care for patients with dementia might be difficult because it is intimate and might be perceived as intrusive. This is why providers of homecare in Farmington, Connecticut make sure that their caregivers are careful and respectful while allowing their patients to maintain their dignity and independence.

If you’re a home assistant in New Haven, Connecticut who wants to help dementia patients with their personal care, remember the following tips:

  • Bathing

    Help them to feel in control by coaching them on what to do step-by-step or letting them be involved in the process. Hold a towel out for them if they feel self-conscious. In the bathroom, there must be grab bars, non-slip mats, and other fall-prevention tools to avoid accidents.

  • Dressing

    Do not rush the patient. Allow them to take their time and change their clothes by themselves but with proper assistance. Choose comfortable, simple clothing that is easy to wear and take off.

  • Grooming

    Continue their grooming routines, if any. Assist them to their favorite salon, or let them use their favorite toothpaste, cologne, toothpaste, etc. Perform certain activities (like brushing your hair) beside them and encourage them to copy your movements.

  • Toileting

    Remove all clutter on the way to the bathroom and post a sign on its door. Consider the use of rubber sheets, incontinence pads, padded undergarments, or adult briefs. Reduce fluids in the evening, or try using a bedside commode.

It is important for elderly care in Waterbury, Connecticut to be delivered by compassionate and trustworthy individuals who are flexible and willing to adapt to a patient’s preferences — just like our team of reliable caregivers here at Unity Home Care LLC. Trust us to help take care of your loved ones with dementia.

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