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Safety Tips for Seniors


Accidents cannot be predicted; however, they can be avoided. In order to ensure the safety of your loved ones at home, elderly care in Waterbury, Connecticut should involve the prevention of tripping, slipping, falling, and other incidents.

These are how to keep your home incident-free:

  • Home Safety

    Ensure to keep all clutter and other hazards such as newspapers, toys, cords, and the like away from traffic areas. Tape down rugs and repair all broken flooring, tiles, etc. Keep the home well-lit. A home assistant in New Haven, Connecticut can help your loved ones practice some exercises to strengthen their bones and muscles in order to prevent falls and other accidents.

  • Bathroom Safety

    Make sure that the tub is skid-proof and the mats are non-slip. It would also be good to install grab bars, a toilet seat raiser, and other bath aids near the toilet and shower areas. Consider the use of a small chair for your senior loved one to be able to sit down while taking a bath.

  • Kitchen Safety

    Always check the expiration dates of food. Store sharp knives in a rack, heavy objects at waist level, and hazardous items away from food. Appliances should also be labeled with “on” and “off” properly to avoid confusion.

  • Medication Safety

    Remember to dispose of unused or expired old medications; clearly label and organize the ones left for use. Keep a medication list and review it with the doctor or pharmacist frequently. Avoid mixing medications. Always ask professionals first, especially when taking new drugs.

With the help of reliable caregivers, you can trust providers of homecare in Farmington, Connecticut, including Unity Home Care LLC, to keep an eye on your senior loved ones and always make sure that no incidents will occur in your home.

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