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Tips for Communicating with a Person with Dementia

Tips for Communicating with a Person with Dementia

It may be hard for some to admit, but caring for someone with dementia can be a challenge. There are some behaviors and personality changes associated with this disease that can shock and dishearten even the most experienced professionals. Unity Home Care LLC recommends these tips for caregivers:

  • Set a positive mood for interaction.

    Communicating vocally is not the only way to get a message across. The facial expression, body language, and voice modulation can convey thought albeit ambiguously. But the little things like a raised eyebrow or a stressed word can affect the way a person responds. Caregivers have to be careful not to show any negativity towards their patients, no matter how subtle they think it might be. But fret not, we are a reliable provider of homecare in Farmington, Connecticut with well-mannered employees that are able to handle difficult situations.

  • When conversing or asking a question, keep them as simple as possible.

    People with dementia experience a gradual decline in their mental abilities, which interfere with their daily lives. When communicating with them, it is important to keep conversations light-hearted and simple. Visual prompts can also help and can serve as a guide for their response. Trust that we can impart professional and competent elderly care in Waterbury, Connecticut for your loved ones with dementia.

  • Respond with affection and assurance.

    Due to cognitive decline, people with dementia often feel confused, anxious, and unsure of themselves. Sometimes, this can cause them to recall things that never happened. Avoid trying to convince them that they are wrong. Instead, try to focus on the emotions they are exhibiting. Respond with plenty of positive reinforcement, and ask simple follow-up questions. As an experienced home assistant in New Haven, Connecticut, we find that physical contact and intimacy helps people with dementia open up about their thoughts.

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