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Caring for Patients with Dementia Daily


If you have a senior loved one who is living with dementia, he/she needs a compassionate caregiver who can provide him/her with elderly care in Waterbury, Connecticut or where the residence lies. Caregivers can assist with the dementia patient’s day-to-day activities to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

When it comes to taking care of individuals living with dementia, it is important to maintain their sense of independence and dignity. To do that, here are some things to take note of:

  • Grooming

    Let your loved one brush their own teeth if they want to. If you’re doing it for them, you may use a long-handled, angled, or electric toothbrush. Also, if you’re taking care of grandpa, make sure to use an electric razor—not one with a blade.

  • Bathing and Dressing

    Give your loved one as much privacy as you can. Let them do things on their own, and assist as much as possible. You may also play relaxing music or distract them by talking about other topics to calm them down. Also, make sure that their clothes are easy to put on. Lay everything out for them or hand each piece to them one at a time.

  • Eating

    Do not keep distractions around so your loved one can focus on the food. Serve one thing at a time to avoid confusion, and remind them to chew and swallow if necessary.

  • Other Activities

    Let them help with chores to boost their self-esteem. Play games and puzzles with them to stimulate their brain activity. Letting them stay active can also keep their muscles strong, boost their mood, and help them sleep.

Of course, you can take care of your loved one yourself. But, you can always ask for an extra helping hand from providers of homecare in Farmington, Connecticut.

Unity Home Care LLC can let your loved one meet our reliable home assistant in New Haven, Connecticut or whichever town you’re in to ease you of the worries related to dementia care.

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